Friday, 16 March 2012

Meet the Stall Holders..........No 5.

Today it's the turn of

Linda Steward of Cusp Crafts
with an eclectic and lively mix of 
 vintage, upcycled and handmade goodies.
 "Camp Clobber... Items of clothes I've worn, loved and lost (like grown out of?)
 I sell to enable me to make more wardrobe room."
 "Retro Relics...  With an eclectic eye for the weird and wonderful, 
I do sometimes get the urge to clear out and start afresh. 
 Passing on much loved family members is what I enjoy doing. 
 Hope Husband doesn't read this!"
"Appliqued Apparel... started when a friend asked me to repair her much loved Levis.  
With a little artistic license I added my own take on the running repairs!
Since then commissions have featured hugely in my craft work.  
100% denim frays beautifully, giving my 'steamy seams' attitude; which I love.  
Demure is NOT what I do!!! "

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