Thursday, 29 March 2012

Meet the Stall Holders No. 8.........................

Another stall holder today......

Sara Jane of 
Home Front Vintage

“Really lovely vintage stuff, rescued and revived”

Home Front Vintage was born out of my obsession with 
rummaging around in junk shops finding vintage 
treasures to rescue and revive. 
I particularly enjoy rescuing items that are no longer
 wanted and turning them into something new.
 My ethos is that if we can 'make do and mend' 
(or recycle as it is now known) 
and stop things going in to landfill we can
 continue to fill our homes with beautiful things 
whilst doing our bit for the planet and our pocket. 
I have recently acquired a rather lovely stack of vintage mangle cloths.   
They are made of beautifully hard wearing linen and I am in the 
process of making them into aprons, bunting 
and cushion covers in time for the Kitsch and Stitch Fair.  
I also rescued some fabulous original
 silk ‘escape and evasion maps’ from the 
1940s, 1950s and Cold War period.  
Pilots and Special Forces would keep these maps
 inside their uniforms in case they
 were shot down over enemy territory.
I have turned them into lovely cushion covers 
(as modelled by my darling dog, Ellie, below!),
 bunting and notebook covers
My bestseller over Christmas was some amazing 
strings of fairy lights made with oyster shells.  
The light looks really pretty reflecting in 
the pearlescent shells.  
I think they would be equally pretty out in the
 garden this summer, so Mr Austerity will be busy
 making some more for me to bring to the Fair!
I look forward to seeing you in Cranbrook 

Austerity Jane of Home Front Vintage


  1. I love those lights! They will look amazing in the garden reflecting the sunlight.
    Have a happy week! :0)

  2. Thank you! I have Mr Austerity locked in the shed making more lights for the July fair. Come and say hello if you are there.

    Love your avatar, how cute is that puppy!

    Austerity jane. X


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