Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tears before bedtime...

Our third Kitsch and Stitch Fair was a roaring success.

After much soul searching I have decided to no longer be part of the organising team. 

I leave happy in the knowledge that I have made a life-long friend in Debs.  No more teacher/pupil relationship: just very, very good pals.

Her sewing skills never cease to amaze me.

Being happy that I leave on a high, I am confident that Debs will take our Kitsch and Stitch concept on to bigger and better things.

Thank you to all our stall holders and customers alike.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and 
Profitable New Year.




  1. I hope you'll still wear your organisers sash, especially in the supermarket or the dr's surgery?!


  2. I shall miss working with you, old pal!, but the door will always be open if you want to step back inside! We made a good team. xxxx

    Just a note to all our stall holders and supporters - I want to continue running the fairs and will post all news and dates very soon after Christmas xxxx

  3. Linda - just to say thank you (and also to Debs) for all your hard work in creating such an exciting and successful event. You've done a truly grand job and will be missed. Suzie x

  4. Already I'm missing the excitement and buzz of being part of the meeting of minds and hearts of some truly inspirational folk.

    Debs, you will I'm sure make a huge success of taking K & S onwards and upwards.

    All love dearest chum,



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